Strategic Account Management

A global wine marketing firm with a large and outstanding portfolio of super-premium wines from around the world is newly-formed through the merger of two smaller somewhat smaller marketing firms, each an industry juggernaut in its own right. Upon formation, they decided to consolidate their PR activities into one agency. And after an extensive agency review, they chose BALZAC.

The company represents a vast collection of brands, each with its own budget, marketing plan, and image. This required that we develop creative concepts and individual programs for each, and execute them nationally.

By assigning each brand to a staff member at BALZAC, but consulting on a regular basis as a group, we have been able to maximize both creativity and execution. From their premium imported Champagnes and Portos down to their affordable California appellation still wines, each brand is given careful thought and enthusiastic support.

The company is delighted with the amount of work done, as well as the critical thinking that has gone into each campaign. The agency now serves as a full partner with the company, an important part of the marketing and sales team. Sales are growing, brand awareness increasing, and projections are being met across the board.