Reputation Development

Reeling from a series of aggressive attacks from the wine, plastics, and aluminum industries, a concerned group of cork suppliers asked Balzac for help in reversing this negative trend and preserving the natural cork’s role as the most prestigious closure for premium wines.

Sensationalist stories against corks were receiving massive coverage, while many in the wine industry were happy to blame corks for all their problems.

The agency organized a series of press campaigns and media contact programs in the trade media and general media which educated both the media and the public about the issues. In addition, the cork suppliers coordinated a series of research projects and industry seminars presenting accurate factual information which supported natural corks and led the industry to solve many of the issues surrounding bottle variation.

Not only has the recent coverage of this issue presented a more balanced view, but the wine industry has applauded this group of cork suppliers for its leadership role. In the process, we have taken a very difficult situation and turned it to great advantage for our client.