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  • Napa Ag Commissioner

    Napa Valley Ag Commissioner


Agriculture commissioners and departments are charged with the protection of agriculture, the protection of the environment as well as protection of the public’s health and safety in their communities. These goals are accomplished through the management of programs designed to achieve set goals through a combination of public outreach, industry education and enforcement actions. This may include pest management, pesticide enforcement, nursery inspection, crop statistics, etc.

For 15+ years, we’ve been working with government ag offices on a local level on public relations and advertising campaigns. One of our more notable achievements is working with the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner on public information campaigns to combat the introduction of damaging vineyard pests in the county. Due in part to our efforts, the county was able to eradicate the European Grapevine Moth, and we continue to work on public awareness of the threat posed by the Glassy Winged Sharpshooter.

Land Preservation
Land Preservation and Conservation Case Studies
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    Napa Valley Ag Preserve

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    Pepperwood Preserve

  • Sonoma Ecology Center

    Sonoma Ecology Center


Land management and preservation are often sensitive subjects. There are differing opinions on what is best for the community. Over the years, we’ve worked with several organizations ranging from private preserves, advocacy groups, and environmental/research non-profits. A common thread weaves through all of them: a desire to sustainably live in a thriving community and be stewards of the land for future generations. How they approach those ideals is unique to each organization.

Working with organizations such as these aligns with our personal values. We believe strongly that certain lands should be designated for natural or agricultural use and protected from commercial or residential development. Green space is necessary for our recreation, research, education, and long-term health. So, when we work with clients such as these, we do so with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Ag Marketing Council Case Studies
  • Honore de Balzac

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Food and agriculture brands face increased pressure from consumers, digital influencers, regulators and other stakeholders to drive change. Historically, farmers produced crops and livestock, sent them through various channels to store shelves and restaurants, and consumers purchased what was available. Consumers didn’t have much influence. Today, through new communication channels, consumers and influencers have a direct voice and are using it to play a larger role to impact how the foods system operates. Food and Ag commissions find themselves having to pivot on what they do and say about their growers and ranchers.

We are strong advocates for increasing transparency and access to information about where our food come from and who grows it. We work with clients to enhance the premium positioning of their products through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engaging in related industry activities.